Sunday, October 2, 2011

Assignment #2 - The Things They Carried-

Choosing which story to write about for my second blog assignment wasn’t an easy choice. It was a toss up between The Things They Carried by Demetria Martinez & Luis Alberto Urrea’s From Across The wire. Both were very powerful examples of how even the smallest of details can make you feel like you are apart of the story. After Reading the stories once more, I decided to write about The Things They Carried because I found myself wondering about the stories of the individuals that left these items behind. Were they successful crossing the border , picked up by immigration or did they finally succumb to the elements? I realize her piece was supposed to one of anger and awareness for a general sense but I couldn’t help wondering about the individual stories that were housed in the display case at the church. When reverend Hoover says " We find about one hundred bicycles a week" how can you not wonder what happened to the owners?

I like the fact she kept the politics about the immigration issue out of the story and kept it more personal for the reader. The most powerful phrase she used in my eyes was, " abandoned by a gluttonous nation that craves cheap labor but detests the laborer." Here in this statement you get a sense of just how angry the author is about the treatment of the people crossing. Yet still, even knowing the possible outcomes, they march through the unforgiving terrain in hopes of finding a better life. Even though we never get a sense of the individual stories, our minds can relate to the things they have left behind.

While most people will never agree about illegal immigration on our side of the boarder. You can’t help but see the humanitarian issue at hand while reading this.

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